Thursday, January 7, 2016

New Beginnings

Hello and Happy 2016 :)
Hope your start into the new year has been good.
I'm always excited and also a little optimistic about having 
a brand new year in front of me.

~This image is a Freebie for you~

Hopefully 2016 will be much better than last year,
which was quite steep.
In december I actually was thinking about closing my blog,
but after awhile I realised I would miss you blog friends
and blogging too much.
Although I was not able to show you much creativity last year,
I do hope for much more to share in 2016.

I feel like this year will be a year of changing for me
 in several ways.
Such as being in a kind of process of changing style
as a paper crafter  ( help . .) :o
I really don't know where this process is leading me though,
and it is not something I have planned for.
I believe this is a process that will develop naturally.
Talking about changing . .  we will also be renovating our
house during spring and summer, and this will also
very much be a changing of style in our home.
Maybe I will post some pictures in the blog later on :)

Starting on a new year is also hoping for my 
Scleroderma/Systemisk Sklerose  (disease) to stay calm.
Although I have this serious disease to cope with,
I'm so grateful it's not even worse. 
I have promised myself to rememer to be thankful 
for the good days! :-)
I also will be trying to be less angry when I have pain ;o
. . . and trying to cry less 'cause my eyes gets so red,
and my skin so wrinkly . . (lol) ;o
After all I'm an aged girl now . . ha ha :o)

I do hope that you dear blog readers will have a little extra
patience with me until I'm back with some  crafts
to share with you.
T h a n k   y o u  :)

Have a wonderful weekend!
 Hugs, Inger


Patty O'Malley said...

Oh my goodness, Inger! I do hope 2016 is a much better year for you. Wishing you all the best. It's good you have some changes coming up this year. I hope you will stay with your blog as well. Hugs.

Kirsten Eriksen said...

Først tak for det smukke billede du lader os bruge. Dernæst håber jeg virkelig for dig, at 2016 må blive et år, hvor dit helbred ikke bliver værre og at du får overskud til også at være kreativ - på hvilken måde elelr stil, det nu bliver. Vi vil da med stor glæde følge dig. Pas nu godt på dig selv.

Jackie said...

Good morning Inger, and a Happy and Healthy New Year is wished for you and your family.
A beautiful image, I love the soft hint if colour :o)
Jackie xx

Dorthe said...

Rigtig Godt Nytår til dig. Og tusind Tak for det skønne motiv. Det vil jeg helt sikkert bruge.
Du må endelig ikke lukke din blog, men sjovt nok har jeg selv leget med tanken om at lukke min :) - Men i sidste ende bestemmer vi jo selv hvor meget og hvor ofte vi vil blogge.

Jeg håber dit 2016 vil blive helt fantastisk - og jeg glæder mig til at se dine kreationer - uanset om det er få eller mange.

Knus fra Dorthe

Jytte said...

Kære Inger

Jeg håber så meget for dig, at 2016 bliver et godt år for dig og at dit helbred bliver bedre i det nye år.
Jeg håber også, at du vil få overskud til nye kreative veje. Jeg vil helt sikkert holde godt øje med din blog, så jeg ikke går glip af noget. Du laver simpelthen de smukkeste kreationer - og jeg nyder sådan at kikke med på din blog.

1000 tak for det smukke billede. Tror jeg vil bruge det allerede i dag.

Rigtig godt nytår, søde Inger.

Klem Jytte <3

Margrit said...

Oh Inger, I wish you a very healthy 2016.And it´s important to see the good days. But sometimes it is hard, I know.


Els Paesen said...

Hello Inger, having a chronic disease (and having chronic pains) is not easy to live with ; I know that out of my own experience. It takes a lot of courage to not let yourself hang down and to get out of bed every morning. But it is also very important to take your time, to take very good care of yourself, and maybe the most important thing is to not care what other people think of you or ask of you. Just find your own rythm. Try to do the things that please you most. Don't feel guilty if that is something that is not accepted by others. Living this way will give you an inner peace that is indispensable to find the energy to live your live as it is. Many hugs, Els.

daisydilly (vicki) said...

Praying for a better year. I don't often comment but I certainly would miss you had you closed down the blog. Will keep you in prayer . Take cae of yourself and know we are here for you.

Dorthe said...

Hi Inger, og tak for den smukke freebie , jeg har fundet dig sidste år i November, og har valgt at følge dig, så jeg er glad for du fortsætter.
Jeg ønsker dig det bedste for dit nye år, og håber din Scleroderma holder sig i ro !!

Hilsener fra Dorthe

Winkel's Crazy Ideas said...

Lovely to hear from you Inger and I wish you a very happy New Year with many blessings. Pam in Norway x

pinky said...

Sounds like 2016 is going g to change your life In her and I wish you well for it all. I am so glad you are not closing your blog and I am looking forward to following your crafty journey this year. You are truly an inspiration to us all. I will keep you in my prayers to give you the strength to cope will your illness. Happy New year. Inger. X

Mihaela said...

Hi, Inger!
Wish you all the best for 2016, especialy health and mood for craft.Keep our blog and do share with us your beautiful and delicate work. And all those changes you talking about to bring you joy and smiles on your face.
Have a nice weekend!

Marianne H said...

Enda bra du ikke stengte av bloggen din. Det er så mye vakkert å se på så om det ikke kommer noe nytt hele tiden, nyter vi det "gamle".
Takk for det nydelige bildet over her :)
Lykke til med både renovering og sykdom, ikke greit å smile bestandig med mye smerter.
Varm klem :)

CreativityByWilma said...

Dear Inger,
Thank you so much for this beautiful picture. I hope your doing well this year and that your having less pain. Take care xxx