Thursday, August 27, 2015

It wasn't that easy . .

Hello dear blog readers and happy thursday :-)
Such a  l o n g  time since my previous post! I'm sorry about that.
As I told you in may I have had some really painful health issues.
I thought I got the right medication,
but it wasn't that easy . .
I did not tolerate the medication . .

I now started to feel like living in a nightmare of pain.
This pain actually started after a tooth extraction in february.
After 2 months I was diagnosed with neuropathic facial pain.
Never heard of this ever!
In july I started on a new medication, and very slowly
I started to feel a little bit better. Now I'm really optimistic
and I hope to be fully recovered in a while :-)
Just wanted to let you know :)
I'm also optimistic about starting crafting again! Yay :o)

In the meantime I have this free image for you to use in your crafting.
(I haven't found any copyright for this image)

Have a nice and happy weekend everyone!
Hope to see you again soon :-)