Sunday, January 15, 2012

Blogger issue . . ??

I'm still having trouble leaving comments on some blogs :(
Seems like these are mainly blogs which are not using comment forms
that opens in a "new window".
Anyone else having the same problem??
Hope Blogger will fix this issue very soon!!!

See you asap!
♥ Hugs, Inger


Lene said...

Yes, I have that problem too. Hope the issue will be fixed soon. I also have the problem that some blogs wont open at all.

Thea said...

Hi Inger!

I had that problem too last week but now i have installed google chrome an the problem is over.


chrissy xx said...

Same problem for two days!!
Just read what Thea has said....And it has worked!! Yehh!!
Off to thank her now.

Inger said...

Thanks alot ladies! :)
I'm NOT going to install google chrome ( don't like it!) as I think that browser is far too simple compared to explorer 9!
Just have to wait until
Blogger works with my browser again . . ;-)

♥ Hugs, Inger

Marjanne said...

i have no problems, hope to see you soon!

bumblebee creations said...

I am having trouble too!!

Stella said...

I had the same problem......I switched from Internet Explorer to Google Chrome and I am up and running again. And this goes much faster as Explorer. You can download Google Chrome for free and it's installed within 5 minutes.
I can recommend it!

Alina said...

I have problems too, Inger, I can leave comments with Internet Explorer, but I can't open very many blogs!
I can open blogs with Google Chrome, but I can't leave ANY COMMENT! so annoying!
hugs, Alina