Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just a quick posting

Hi, and happy wednesday!
Just a quick posting to say a HUGE THANK YOU for your sweet
and kind comments on my previous card!! :-)
I soooo appreciate each and everyone!
I'm so SORRY I haven't been able to visit and leave comments
on your blogs, because I've had problems with my neck and shoulders
this last week, and that means a terrible headache as well :-(
It's sooooo boring!
Anyway. . . fortunately I'm a little bit better now, so I'm planning
another posting later today with a new project :o)
See you :o)
♥ Hugs, Inger


Heather Jensen said...

Sounds like you have the same problem I have. I have a buldging disc and it gives me the WORST headaches. Ones that will not go away. I now have Arthritis there too. I can't pick up over 10 pounds...which is a gallon of milk. I sure hope you feel better soon.

jolanda said...

Good to hear you are feeling a bit better now! And you make me very curious about your latest project!!! So you will see me again this evening, LOL.
hugs, jolanda

Tammy said...

Sorry you have been that is no fun! Glad you are doing somewhat better and can't wait to see what you post as I love your craftiness.

Marjanne said...

take good care of yourself

Tineke van der Linden said...

Wat vervelend voor je Inger..beterschap verder!

Groetjes, Tineke

Linda said...

I hope you are get well soon
hugs linda

Tammy said...

Inger~ Your shoe is elegant and beautiful...Love the blue. I don't know what is into me lately but I have never been crazy about blue and now I am really starting to like it. So lovely!